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Gili Trawangan Freediving Retreat

Gili Trawangan Freediving Retreat

Salty Pilgrims Freediving

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Guys and girls, join us for a week-long freediving retreat in the heart of Gili T Island. We have teamed up with Freedive Gili so you will be able to explore your body’s potential like never before while getting trained by British Freediving Record Holder, and 111m freediver, Mike Board.

With optimal freediving conditions and warm tropical waters consistently 30 degrees warm, there is no better place to take your freediving to the next level, while meeting a bunch of like minded legends to create memories that will last a lifetime.

This retreat is for those wanting to complete their Wave 1, Wave 2 or Wave 3 Molchanovs Freediving Courses, and take their freediving to the next level.

While we will be freediving every day, there will also be plenty of downtime for delicious food, group dinners and massages. We will also be diving the stunning coral reefs around Gili T which are home to the world's largest population of turtles.

We will be snapping away photos and videos of you diving so you have these memories forever!

For those interested in Spearfishing, there will be several spearfishing workshops run by our experieced spearfishing/frediving instructors, and the opportunity for you to come spearfishing with us.

Daily yoga sessions are just a couple steps from your front doorstep, and are the perfect opportunity for you to stretch out and relax for the big days of diving!

Limited spots available.

  • Dates

    October 4th - 11th, 2024

  • Location

    Gili Trawangan Island, Bali
    A little island between Bali and Lombok

  • Where to fly into

    Fly into Denpasar Airport in Bali (I Gusti
    Ngurah Rai International Airport)

    You will then get a fast boat to Gili Trawangan Island (more info in FAQ’s)

  • Cost of trip

    $500 Deposit to secure your spot on the trip
    Total Trip Cost:

    $2850 for Private Bungalow
    $2500 For Twin Share Bungalow (Best option for couples)

  • Accomodation

    We are all staying in the beautiful garden bungalows at Freedive Gili Headquarters, located on the beachfront in the heart of the island. You may opt for a private bungalow, or share a room with a future friend!

  • Weather

    Enjoy summer temperatures with the average temp being 28 degrees celsius out of the water, and delicious 30 degree temps in the water.

  • Food

    Enjoy a range of fresh vegetarian meal options with the restaurant right at our accommodation. There are also an array of cafes, restaurants and fresh tropical fruit stalls to nourish your body steps away from where we will be staying.

  • Freediving Ability

    There will be Wave 1, Wave 2 and Wave 3 Molchanovs Courses running. Beginner to Advanced divers welcome!

  • Molchanovs Freediving Course Levels

    Complete your Wave 1 , Wave 2 and Wave 3 Molchanovs Freediving Courses


7 nights beachfront accommodation

Molchanovs Wave 1, Wave 2 or/and Wave 3 Freediving Courses & Certifications

Learn to Freedive with Mike Board. British Record Holder, 111m freediver, and world renowned freediving instructor trainer

5 days of boat trips including freediving line diving sessions

Daily freediving workshops and theory classes

Spearfishing Workshops for those interested

Pool sessions to improve technique

Daily yoga sessions with accredited yoga teacher (optional)

Underwater photos & videos of yourself freediving on a line

Trips to teaming coral reefs and freedive with turtles

Why Gili T?

Some of the best freediving conditions for you to progress your diving, in the world

Learn from highly trained, experienced and enthusiastic instructors

30 degree water temps and crystal clear, blue water

Turtle capital of the world, which means lots and lots of turtles!

Insane coral reefs to explore

Unlimited depth and the dive sites are just a 10 minute boat ride away

Delicious, healthy food (and loads of fresh fruits)

Cheap massages!!!

Daily yoga in the Yoga Shala (optional)

NO CARS! Enjoy the island tranquility with pushbikes and horses as our methods of transport

Immerse yourself in all things freediving for a week, emerge a confident and skilled freediver


We will be staying at the ultimate freediving sanctuary, located on the beachfront in the heart of Gili T. The bungalows are set in a tropical garden and face inward to the yoga shala, just steps away from a gorgeous swimming beach, where you will be fully immersed in a freediving focused lifestyle for the week. The rooms are furnished with air conditioning, mini fridges, wifi and hot water. The rooms can be configured in either one double bed or 2 single bed arrangements.

Freediving Courses

This trip is suitable for every level of freediver from the complete beginner to experienced divers. Gili T offers the perfect learning environment to take your freediving to the next level.

  • If you have never been freediving or done a little snorkelling, you will start in the Wave 1 Course. If things progress well, you can move into the Wave 2 Course.
  • If are already diving comfortably to 15m+ or have done your Wave 1 Freediving Course, you will be able to do the Wave 2 and potentially the Wave 3 Course.
  • If you have already completed your Wave 2 Course (or equivalent with another agency) you will be able to do the Wave 3 Course.

Wave 1 Course Outcomes (Beginner Freediver)
- Dive to depths of 12-20 metres (DYN)
- Achieve breath holds of over 1:30 minutes
- Learn basic freediving theory & how to equalise with the Frenzel Manoeuvre
- Safety skills including a rescue
- Pool skills

Wave 2 Course Outcomes (Advanced Freediver)
- Dive to depths of 24-30 metres (DYN)
- Dive to depths of 15-20 metres without fins (CNF)
- Achieve breath holds of over 2:30 minutes
- How to master equalisation & learn deeper equalisation skills
- Deeper Rescue Drills
- Intermediate Pool skills

Wave 3 Course Outcomes (Master Freediver)
- Dive to depths of 34-40 metres (DYN)
- Dive to depths of 25-30 metres without fins (CNF)
- Achieve breath holds of over 3:30 minutes
- Introduction to the Mouthfill Equalisation Technique
- Advanced pool skills
- Upon completion of this course, you will be a certified Freedive Instructor Assistant

We are over the moon to be joined by Mike Board. Mike is a British record holding freediver, as well as a 111m diver and the owner of Freedive Gili.

We will be staying at the Freedive Gili headquarters for the week, using the amazing facilities there such as dedicated freediving boats, 25m pool, yoga shala, home gym, freediving shop and a beachfront health food cafe to refuel you the moment you arrive back in from diving!

Trip FAQ’s

How do I get to Gili T?

1. Fly into Denpasar Airport in
Bali (I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport)
2. If you arrive in the evening, you will need to stay in Kuta for the night
(there are nice hotels as cheap as $25AUD)
3. Early the next morning, get a minibus to Padang Bai Harbour
4. Get on a fast boat to Gili Trawangan
5. The best fast boat company is Eka Jaya and the journey is approx 1 hour
30 minutes
We can help organise this journey in the Facebook Messenger group chat upon booking!

Can I hire any Freediving gear there?

You will have to bring all of your own gear with you, however we will supply the weights once you arrive so you don’t have to travel with them.

What wetsuit thickness is best?

We recommend bringing a 2mm full freediving wetsuit with a hood (to keep your hair out of your face) This is mostly for full sun protection while we are out diving each day. You can also dive in a spring suit if you wish, but we recommend bringing a full wetsuit. A surfing steamer would also do the trick.

What Freediving Course Level can I do?

If you have never done a freediving course, you will start in the Wave 1 Course. If things progress well, you will be able to move into the Wave 2 Course.

If you have done the Wave 1 course (or equivalent with another agency), you will join the Wave 2 Course. OR if you are already diving to depths of 15m + we can complete a crossover so you can begin in the Wave 2 Course.

If you have done the Wave 2 course (or equivalent with another agency), you will join the Wave 3 course.

If things are progressing well in Wave 2, you will be able to join the Wave 3 course.

What if I’ve already completed a freediving course with another agency

No problem! We will cross you over into the Molchanovs Freediving system and slot you into whichever level suits your previous freediving course level and experience.

Cancellation and Refunds Policy?

Unfortunately we can't offer refunds.

If for any reason you have to cancel and let us know at least 90 days before the trip, you’ll be able to transfer the amount you have paid onto any future courses or trips.

If you cancel within 90 days before the trip start date, we cannot refund you and are unable to transfer the amount paid onto a future trip or course. You are able to transfer your ticket onto someone else.

We recommend getting travel cancellation insurance upon booking your spot on the trip, to save you any financial hardships if you need to cancel your trip. You can get travel insurance that covers this.


Boat Transfer to Gili T
Travel Insurance
Transport and accommodation outside of the trip package