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Molchanovs Wave 2 Freediving Course

Molchanovs Wave 2 Freediving Course

Salty Pilgrims Freediving

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Course Date
Gear Hire

Deposit to secure your spot: $350
Remaining balance payable on the 25th August (14 days from course start date)
Full Cost of Course: $750 without gear hire or $790 with gear hire

The Wave 2 Course is designed to level up your freediving in all aspects from the Wave 1 Course (or equivalent). It's a course for those divers wanting to challenge themselves further, and learn how to utilise their body for deeper dives, longer breath holds and totally new freediving skills.

 Pre-Requisite: Wave 1 Freediving Certification (or equivalent)

The Wave 2 course will be held on Friday afternoon (in Newcastle) Saturday and Sunday (in Nelson Bay) There will be 3 open water freediving line sessions in total, one on Saturday and Sunday will be a FULL day boat trip to dive the best dive spots Port Stephens has to offer.

We will be diving at Broughton Island if weather permits. 

What you will learn:
- How to comfortably freedive to depths up to 30 metres
- How to dive with the 'no fins' technique from 15 - 20 metres
- How to relax deeper for deeper freedives, introducing new relaxation techniques 
- Skills to refine your freediving technique including video analysis
- Achieve breath holds over 2 and a half minutes
- Deeper Rescues
- Deep equalisation skills
- Advanced freediving theory  


Prior to the course, you will be given access to the Molchanovs E-Learning Manual. You will learn the following during several theory sessions throughout the course:
- Pressure & Dalton's Law
- Pressure & Henry's Law
- Physiology & adaptations to depth
- Deeper relaxation techniques 
- How to maximise your full breath before a dive
- Using mindfulness as a mental technique for static, dynamic and depth disciplines 
- How to equalise deeper with the Frenzel Manoeuvre 
- Mastering the Frenzel Manoeuvre 
- Reverse Packing for depth dives
- Barotrauma's (including lung squeezes) and how to avoid these

Pool Session
- Static breath holds to achieve a breath hold of at least 2'30''
- Fine tuning dynamic finning technique to achieve a 50m distance
- No fins technique workshop & technique refining and video analysis to achieve a 30m distance

Open Water Dive Sessions (3)
You will learn the following techniques throughout the 3 dive sessions:

- 10m Neutral buoyancy check
- Improving and refining duck dive technique 
- Refining technique for equalisation and body position for a streamlined position
- Deeper buddying
- Freefall position from 16m down to as deep as 30m 
- Adjusting and working on optimum speed through different buoyant zones
- Deep blackout rescue drills 
- Everything you need to comfortably dive up to 30 metres deep (bi-fins), 24 metres is the depth requirement for Wave 2
- No fins dive to at least 15 metres and maximum 20 metres. 

If for whatever reason you don't complete any of the course requirements, don't stress! You can come back any time within 1 year of your course to tick off any left over requirements. 

What’s included:
2 x Theory sessions
1 x Extended Pool session
1 x Ocean shore dive session
2 x Ocean Boat dive sessions at Broughton Island
Full day boat charter & skipper

The full day boat trip on Sunday will also include a fun freediving session exploring either a wreck or a grey nurse shark gutter. 

- Molchanovs Wave 2 Freediver certification
- Molchanovs Wave 2 Digital freediving manual

Upon completion of this course, you will not only leave with a new bunch of keen and experienced dive buddies, but also with an internationally recognised certification as a 'Molchanovs Wave 2 Freediver and be eligible to undertake the Molchanovs Wave 3 Course (where you can work as an assistant freediver)

7 spots maximum

Instructor to student ratio 1:3 or 1:4 depending on course numbers. 


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