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Freedive Training (Depth and Pool)

Freedive Training (Depth and Pool)

Salty Pilgrims Freediving

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Join our regular depth or pool training sessions, meet a whole bunch of new dive buddies and get coached by our professional and highly experienced freediving instructors.

These training sessions are for people who have completed a freediving course (even if you haven't passed all the requirements, as long as you have completed a course with any agency you are welcome to come along to these sessions)

Location for Depth training:
Little Beach, Nelson Bay, NSW 
Location for Pool training: Lambton Pool, Newcastle 

Pool Training 
Join us in the pool each week for training sessions focusing on various aspects of freediving. Some days we will be focusing on technique improvement, some days will be focused on gaining C02 tolerance, and some days will be for static breath hold improvement. Also a great way to meet new dive buddies!

Pool entry is not included in the cost of training. 

Depth Training
Duration: 1.5-2hrs
Maximum Depth: 21m

What we will help you train:

- Relaxation
- Body positioning and streamlining
- Frenzel equalisation 
- Kicking technique and speed
- Freefall
- No fins (DNF) technique
- Free immersion (FIM) technique

Our depth training sessions are for those who have already completed a certified freediving course. Master your equalisation, refine your kicking technique perfect your freefall and get more comfortable with freediving to depth.

Required Gear - all of your freediving gear!

-Warm wetsuit (3mm long arm, long leg steamer at minimum)
-Mask & snorkel
-Weight belt and weights


These training sessions are non-refundable. 

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