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Nelson Bay Freedive Depth Training

Nelson Bay Freedive Depth Training

Salty Pilgrims Freediving

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Join our regular depth training sessions, meet a whole bunch of new dive buddies and get coached by our professional and highly experienced freediving instructors.

Nelson Bay/Port Stephens, NSW, Australia
Duration: 1.5-2hrs
Ages: 12+
Maximum Depth: 20m

What we will help you train:

- Relaxation
- Body positioning and streamlining
- Frenzel equalisation 
- Kicking technique and speed
- Freefall
- Adaptation and relaxation at depth for spearfishing (all of our instructors are experienced spearfishers)
- No fins (DNF) technique
- Free immersion (FIM) technique
-  2-hour ocean dive session practicing freediving skills
- Mouthfill equalisation, FRC diving and depth preparation (only for those who have completed Wave 3 course or equivalent.)

Our depth training sessions are for those who have already completed a certified freediving course. Master your equalisation, refine your kicking technique perfect your freefall and get more comfortable with freediving to depth.

Required Gear 

-Warm wetsuit (3mm long arm, long leg steamer at minimum)
-Mask & snorkel
-Weight belt and weights

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