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Molchanovs Wave 2 Freediving Course

Molchanovs Wave 2 Freediving Course

Salty Pilgrims Freediving

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The Wave 2 Course is designed to level up your freediving in all aspects from the Wave 1 Course (or equivalent). It's a course for those divers wanting to challenge themselves further, and learn how to utilise their body for deeper dives, longer breath holds and totally new freediving skills.

Pre-Requisite: Wave 1 Freediving Certification (or equivalent)

The Wave 2 course will be held on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. There will be 3 open water freediving line sessions and Sunday will be a FULL day boat trip to dive the best spots Port Stephens has to offer.

We will be diving at Broughton Island if weather permits. 

Students will learn:
- How to comfortably freedive to depths up to 30 metres
- How to dive with the 'no fins' technique from 15 - 20 metres
- Skills to refine your freediving technique including video analysis
- Achieve breath holds over 2 and a half minutes
- Deeper Rescues
- Deep equalisation skills
- Advanced freediving theory  

What’s included:
1 x Theory session
1 x Extended Pool session
1 x Ocean shore dive session
2 x Ocean Boat dive sessions
Boat Charter & Skipper

- Molchanovs Wave 2 Freediver certification
- Molchanovs Wave 2 Digital freediving manual
- Molchanovs Wave 2 E-learning Freediving Videos

Upon completion of this course, you will not only leave with a new bunch of keen and experienced dive buddies, but also with an internationally recognised certification as a 'Molchanovs Wave 2 Freediver and be eligible to undertake the Molchanovs Wave 3 Course (Freedive Master).

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