Ellie Hayden & Jordan Black

Hello. Welcome to Salty Pilgrims, we’re so glad you’re here- you salty thing you. 

We’re Jordan and Ellie, and we’re both passionate freediving instructors and spearfishers. We decided to create Salty Pilgrims Freediving because we wanted to share our love of freediving with as many people as possible. We have witnessed first hand all the amazing benefits of freediving that go far beyond the sport itself. 

We decided to teach freediving courses in 2 locations- the Gold Coast and Nelson Bay. Both of these spots are incredibly beautiful and hold an array of sea life from dolphins, turtles, rays and corals, which make them the most visually pleasing environments to learn in. Both spots allow for easy access to incredible diving locations, and as locals, we’ve discovered some pretty unreal places we want to share with you. 

Both growing up on different coastlines of Australia- Ellie on the Great Barrier Reef and Jordan in the beautiful Port Stephens, we became water people from a young age and freediving has been a part of our entire lives. Jordan, who has been spearfishing since he was 15 years old, introduced Ellie to the sport- and from there the passion for diving sky-rocketed. 

Completing our freediving instructors course was something we both initially did to unlock new depths, new feelings and new experiences. Since that moment, we quickly realised that unlocking these skills for other people and teaching freediving was the real passion. Witnessing the positive transformation in people who learn to freedive is something that we strive to do for as long as possible. When you dive with us your safety is our number one priority, as is your enjoyment and learning!

We can’t wait to share the world beneath the surface with you. 

Jordan & Ellie 

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