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Cairns Wave 2 / Wave 3 / Depth Camp

Cairns Wave 2 / Wave 3 / Depth Camp

Salty Pilgrims Freediving

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Not including accomodation ($500 Deposit to secure spot)
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Imagine Freediving in a volcanic Lake that’s not affected by waves, wind, currents or large marine animals, and 60m of depth for you to freedive in. You will be coached by 2 of the 3 Molchanovs Instructor Trainers in all of Oceania, Jordan Black and Maxine McLaughlin, as well as Australia’s only female Wave 3 Molchanovs Instructor Ellie Hayden.

Your instructors are the highest trained freediving instructors in Australia, and have together have taught thousands of students and a combined 12+ years of freediving teaching experience.

Options for the week:
#1 Complete your Molchanovs Wave 2 or Wave 3 Freediving Course
#2 If you already have a freediving certification (of any level) but you don't want to do a course, then the 'depth camp' option is perfect for you. This includes 5 x coached depth sessions and 3 x 1:1 private post dive coached sessions. You can also attend any workshops throughout the week.


༄ Accomodation (single bed/ shared room accomodation or Queen bed/ private room accomodaton)

༄ 5 Coached depth dive sessions (maximum instructor to student ratio 3:1)

༄ Molchanovs Wave 2 or Wave 3 Certification

༄ Freediving Theory Workshops (5)

༄ Pre-trip Zoom call for anyone interested in learning Mouthfill Equalisation

༄ Pool Skills Session & pool costs

༄ Static Breathold sessions

༄ 1:1 Private Coaching sessions for those doing the depth camp option (3 x 30 minute coaching sessions)

༄ Video analysis

༄ Professional Photos & Videos

  • Dates

    August 9th- 14th 2024

  • Location

    Lake Eacham & Lake Barrine (1 hour from Cairns)

  • Cost of trip

    Molchanovs Wave 2/Wave 3 Course $1300
    Depth Camp (No certification) $1000
    Accomodation Extra:
    Single bed accomodation $245
    Private Queen room accomodation (cost can be shared between friends or partners) $550

    Deposit to book your spot is $500
    Remaining balance due on July 10th


    (please note that travel and meals aren't included)

  • Freediving Ability and Prerequisites

    As we will be running Wave 2 and Wave 3 courses or training for depth, you must have completed a Wave 1 or similar freediving course (Padi Freediver, SSI Level 1, AIDA Level 2)

  • How to get there


    Fly into Cairns Airport (Syd - Cairns is approx $130 return)

    Rent a car (as cheap as $38/day which can be split between multiple people)

    From Cairns, it is a 1-1.5 hour drive to Lake Eacham area

    Pack the car and go on an epic road trip to this tropical location!

  • Where to stay

    We would recommend staying somewhere in or around the Crater Lakes National Park area (Yugaburra & Atherton). There are all types of accomodation here including camping, budget, boutique and luxurry.

    Upon booking, you will be added into the Facebook Messenger group chat for the trip, so that you can look for accomodation and rental cars with others on the trip to split costs

  • Molchanovs Freediving Course Levels

    Wave 2 - If you have completed your Wave 1 course (or equivalent), You can complete your Wave 2 course on this trip.
    Wave 3 (Assistant Instructor) - If you have completed your Wave 2 course (or equivalent), you can complete your Wave 3 course on this trip.

    *Please note, if you are comfortable freediving past 20m and have only completed your Wave 1, we may be able to do a one day Wave 2 crossover before the trip starts so you can begin your Wave 3 on this trip.

  • Depth Coaching up to 60m deep

    If you have completed a freediving course (of any level), receive personalised coaching from Australia's most experienced Molchanovs freediving instructors and Instructor trainers.

    We can help to guide and mentor you to deeper depths, as well as help you work through any relaxation or equalisation issues with the help of advanced techniques. Our Instructor trainers have learnt from and taught alongside the world's best freedivers.

The Location

Escape the cold waters and big seas of NSW this winter for an adventure to tropical North Queensland for a week of diving, learning and connecting with a bunch of likeminded people. Lake Eacham is Australia’s best freediving location, with epic conditions year round, surrounded by lush World Heritage rainforest, providing the most perfect, peaceful rainforest background sounds for you to dive amongst.

The area is home to some of the most beautiful rainforests and waterfalls in the world, and although it’s not included in the trip, we have no doubt there will be a group waterfall trip on the day off! August is also coming into the best time of the year weather wise on the Great Barrier Reef, and we can potentially organise a day freediving/spearfishing on the Reef after the trip, if there’s a few people keen for this!

Freediving Courses

This trip is suitable for intermediate, advanced, master an elite level freedivers from the complete beginner to experienced divers. Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine offer the perfect learning environment to take your freediving to the next level.

Wave 2 Course Outcomes (Advanced Freediver)
- Dive to depths of 24-30 metres (DYN)
- Dive to depths of 15-20 metres without fins (CNF)
- Achieve breath holds of over 2:30 minutes
- How to master equalisation & learn deeper equalisation skills
- Deeper Rescue Drills
- Intermediate Pool skills

Wave 3 Course Outcomes (Master Freediver)
- Dive to depths of 34-40 metres (DYN)
- Dive to depths of 25-30 metres without fins (CNF)
- Achieve breath holds of over 3:30 minutes
- Introduction to the Mouthfill Equalisation Technique
- Advanced pool skills
- Upon completion of this course, you will be a certified Freedive Instructor Assistant

Depth Camp (for those not completing freediving courses)

- Personal coaching by Australia’s top instructors
- Take your freediving to the next level by learning skills to dive deeper, safely
- Coaching to take your diving up to 60m deep
- 1:1 Private sessions with our coaches, analysing your dives through video and through what happens during the dive sessions, to help you work on any skills that can be improved or tweaked. This is a great option, especially if you are wanting to either tick off requirements for a course you’ve already taken (including Instructor courses) or if you’re wanting to train to complete your Molchanovs Instructors Course (which we will be running at the end of the year)
- Zoom session on mouthfill equalisation by an instructor who has mastered mouthfill, and has years of mouthfill experience (deep equalisation technique to take your diving to the next level).

Trip FAQ’s

Can I hire any Freediving gear there?

You will have to bring all of your own gear with you, however you can also rent gear and weight belts from dive stores in Cairns.

As we are diving in warm freshwater, you usually wouldn't need as many weights as you would usually wear in the ocean.

What wetsuit thickness is best?

We recommend bringing a 5mm full freediving wetsuit with a hood, as there is a gradual colder thermocline past 15m. Above 15m has warm water, making your breath-ups toasty warm and comfortable.

What Freediving Course Level can I do?

If you have done the Wave 1 course (or equivalent with another agency), you will join the Wave 2 Course. OR if you are already diving to depths of 15m + we can complete a crossover so you can begin in the Wave 2 Course.

If you have done the Wave 2 course (or equivalent with another agency), you will join the Wave 3 course.

If things are progressing well in Wave 2, you will be able to join the Wave 3 course.

What if I’ve already completed a freediving course with another agency

No problem! We will cross you over into the Molchanovs Freediving system and slot you into whichever level suits your previous freediving course level and experience.

Cancellation and Refunds Policy?

Unfortunately we can't offer refunds.

If for any reason you have to cancel and let us know at least 90 days before the trip, you’ll be able to transfer the amount you have paid onto any future courses or trips.

If you cancel within 90 days before the trip start date, we cannot refund you and are unable to transfer the amount paid onto a future trip or course. You are able to transfer your ticket onto someone else.

We recommend getting travel cancellation insurance upon booking your spot on the trip, to save you any financial hardships if you need to cancel your trip. You can get travel insurance that covers this.


Travel Insurance