Seal Rocks Weekend Spearfishing Course - ENQUIRE IF INTERESTED, NEW DATES COMING SOON

Date: 15th & 16th October
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Learn to Spearfish in Seal Rocks! 


Where: Seal Rocks 

These courses will be ran over the two days by our freediving instructors Ellie and Jordan who have a combined 19 years experience in Spearfishing. 

We will be available all weekend for any Spearfishing related topics or questions you may have and we can guarantee you will come away from the weekend as a better and more knowledgeable spearo! 

 Over the 2 days the courses will be broken down like so:

Day 1 will cover:

  • Gear choices 
  • Basic hunting tactics
  • How to be a great dive buddy
  • Target species and fish Identification
  • How to choose where to dive
  • Landing a fish once it's been shot
  • How to quickly and safely dispatch a fish once it's been shot
  • Ethics
  • Safety
  • Filleting a fish & fish and seafood storage/preparation 
  • Lobster and Abalone harvesting tactics


Day 2 will cover:

  • Deep Spearfishing 
  • Spearfishing in current
  • Spearfishing from a boat
  • Shark behaviour and reducing your risk
  • Species Specific hunting tactics
  • Use of Burley and Flashers
  • Speargun accuracy and power
  • Reels vs Riglines and Floats
  • Rigging a speargun
  • Making your own rubbers/fixing rubbers


Please note that you do not need your own gear to attend these courses!

Ocean Skills Sessions

We will be running 2 hour sessions in the water each day, demonstrating different skills and helping you to improve your techniques. This will be completely optional to come along to, and you won't need a speargun for this. 



If you and your dive buddy are wanting to come and do your own Spearfishing in your own time over the weekend, feel free to bring your gear.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are heading out spearfishing, we are not responsible for you whatsoever so please respect the local laws, only ever take what you need and most importantly stay safe! 


We will be staying at Seal Rocks and will be running the courses there. We will be staying at Treachery Camp! 

You will be responsible for your own accommodation and food as most people have different preferences (cabin, tent, van or car camping)



Cancellations and Refunds

If for any reason you need to cancel your trip and tell us at least 30 days before the trip start date, we can offer you a full refund (deposit or full payment). 

If for any reason you need to cancel your trip and tell us within 30 days of the trip start date we can transfer your payment (deposit or full amount) to any future trips or courses of ours. (We cannot issue refunds if you cancel within this 90 day period)

If you need to cancel within 7 days of the trip, we cannot offer you a refund. 

Please note we are not responsible for any expenses incurred outside of what is included in our Spearfishing Course (flights, travel, food, accom etc).