Wave 1 Freediving Course



No experience needed!

Join our Molchanovs Wave 1 course and you'll discover how comfortable you can become underwater. You will learn the basics of freediving, how to better access your body's breath holding capabilities, and how to safely and comfortably dive to depths of up to 20 metres on one breath! At the end of the weekend, you may become a certified Molchanovs Freediver. 

 Whether you are a seasoned waterperson wanting to increase your breath hold, a keen spearfisher looking to improve your skills, an ocean lover wanting to unlock greater depths of ocean exploration, or you are wanting to begin your freediving journey- this course offers so much. 


Prior to the course, you will be given access to the Molchanovs E-Learning Manual. You will learn the following during the course:
- Freediving equipment info
- Physics and physiological basics of freediving
- Breath holding workshop & techniques
- Relaxation techniques 
- Equalisation basics & workshop
- Safety & potential traumas (blackouts, rescues, ear trauma)
- Multiple choice knowledge test

Pool Session
- Static breath holds (STA)
- Dynamic finning technique (body position, technique improvement)
- Dynamic swims (DYN)
- Buddy & rescue procedures

Two Open Water Dive Sessions
You will learn the following techniques:

- Buoyancy check, duck dives, line diving, equalisation & body positioning
- How to properly buddy another diver
- How to rescue a blackout 
- Dive up to 20 metres deep

If for whatever reason you don't complete any of the course requirements, no problemo! You can come back to us free of charge any time within 2 years of your course to tick off whatever requirement you may have to complete!

Equipment Required ($40 gear hire fee)
- Mask & Snorkel
- Fins (these can be any fins but we recommend longer freediving fins)
- Full wetsuit
- Weight belt & weights 

While we recommend you bringing your own gear, if you don't have any of these, please let us know by adding a note at the checkout and we will be in touch!