All Girls Whitsundays Sailing, Freediving & Spearfishing Liveaboard Trip | $2300 |

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 Full Cost $2300 (balance payable 30 days before departure)

- 4 nights and 5 days on the 76 foot yacht 'Broomstick' sailing around the Whitsunday islands
- Molchanovs Freediving Courses & Certifications
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked up on board
- Spearfishing courses (Beginner & Advanced)
- Breathing, Relaxation and Equalisation Workshops
- Full day of Spearfishing / Freediving the outer reefs of The Great Barrier Reef

We've partnered up with the legends at Prosail to run the East Coast of Australia's first all women's freediving and spearfishing liveaboard trip!

Jump on board a 76ft Maxi Yacht for 5 incredible days of sailing around the stunning Whitsunday Islands- all whilst learning to freedive & spearfish, making a heap of new friends and creating memories that will last a lifetime!

All females 16+ welcome, all experience levels welcome!

Freediving Courses & Certifications!
Molchanovs Wave 1 | Wave 2

During the first 2/3 days of the trip, you will have the opportunity to complete either your Wave 1 or Wave 2 Freediving Course. Our very experienced Molchanovs freediving instructors will be teaching you a mixture of freediving theory, relaxation and breath hold skills, equalisation skills, how to reach depths you've always dreamed of reaching, and much, much more.

Don't know how to freedive? No worries. As long as you can swim 200m comfortably, we will teach you the rest! You will be surprised at just how much your body is capable of. 

If you currently have no freediving certifications you can complete your Wave 1 course. 

If you've completed your Wave 1 (or equivalent) you can complete your Wave 2 course. 

Wave 1 - up to 20 metres deep max
Wave 2 - up to 30 metres deep max


Spearfishing Courses

During the afternoons in our down time, we will be running Spearfishing Courses. They will be run by our instructors Ellie and Jordan, who have over 17 years combined experience spearfishing and have shot some incredible fish in this time! These courses will be run on deck (most likely with drinks in hand) so you do not need any of your own spearfishing gear for these.

These courses will start at the very beginning (if you have absolutely no experience) and run all the way through to your advanced techniques (for those with experience).

The courses will cover:

  • Gear choices 
  • Basic hunting tactics
  • How to be a great dive buddy
  • Target species and fish Identification
  • How to choose where to dive
  • Landing a fish once it's been shot
  • How to quickly dispatch a fish once it's been shot
  • Filleting a fish & fish storage/preparation 
  • Lobster grabbing
  • Advanced hunting tactics 
  • Hunting pelagic fish

If these do not interest you however, there is no pressure to attend these! There will also be freediving workshops onboard which you can choose to attend! 


Weather permitting, we will be heading out to the outer Great Barrier Reef for a full day of spearfishing. Our highly trained instructors will be in the water with you, giving you demonstrations, tips and helping to keep you safe. We'll also be filming as many of your dives as we can, so you have some long lasting memories! 


For those who aren't interested in spearfishing, you will have a full day of exploring all of the incredible coral reefs, get guided through some awesome coral swim throughs and see an incredible array of marine life. If you are looking to get those epic underwater shots of yourself, just team up with your dive buddy or ask our instructors and they will be more than happy to help!

Freediving Workshops

Our instructors will be running breathing, relaxation and equalising workshops throughout the trip!


The retreat will go a little something like below. However this isn't an exact guide as things can change because, ocean.
Also, because we want you to have the most incredible 5 days of your lives - come to as little or as much as you'd like! If you'd rather skip a dive session or a workshop or just sleep in, you are welcome to do whatever you'd like! 

Day 1
9am - Meet at Airlie Beach meeting point.
10am - Depart Airlie Beach
             W1 & W2 Theory session 1
12pm - Arrive at Island / Lunch
1:30pm - Freediving line dive Session 1
4pm - W1 & W2 Theory session 2
5:30pm - Arvo drinks on island/ on deck/ free time
7pm - Dinner

Day 2
6am - Sunrise Relaxation Workshop
7am - Breakfast
8am - W1 & W2 Static breath holds on island / Dynamic freediving training
11am - Lunch
12:30pm - Freediving line dive session 2
4pm - Beginner Spearfishing Course
            Optional afternoon freedive
7pm - Dinner 

Day 3
6am - Sunrise Breathing Workshop
7am - Breakfast
8am - Freediving line dive session 3 
11am - Sail to outer Great Barrier Reef
3pm - Spearfishing / Freediving arvo fun dives
5:30pm - Advanced Spearfishing Course 
                 Equalisation Workshop
6:30pm - Arvo drinks / dinner

Day 4
Full day of activities of your choice! Choose between spearfishing the Great Barrier Reef or exploring the reef / freediving / taking videos!
5:30pm - Arvo drinks / Fish cookup / Afterparty

Day 5
7am - Breakfast 
Start the journey back to Airlie Beach 

'Broomstick' The 76 foot yacht we'll call home for 5 days. 

There are 2 hot showers on board. 

Cancellations and Refunds

If for any reason you need to cancel your trip and tell us at least 90 days before the trip start date, we can offer you a full refund (deposit or full payment). 

(We cannot issue refunds if you cancel within this 90 day period)

Within the 90 days of the trip start date, if you can’t make the trip and tell us at least two weeks before the  trip start date, we can transfer your payment (deposit or full amount) to any future trips or courses of ours.

If you can’t make the trip and tell us within 2 weeks of the trip start date, unfortunately we will not be able to offer a refund due to the nature of prebooking flights, food, boats, staffing and instructors.

You are welcome to sell your ticket to someone else if you have to cancel within the two week period.

Please note we are not responsible for any expenses incurred outside of our trip package (flights).